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Choosing the Best Fencing Materials for Your Property

home fencing material

There are more options to consider in building a fence than many people first realize. From the type of foundation required, to the height and overall appearance, many factors must come together in the design stage. The main purpose of your fence is the first question you need to answer. From creating a boundary around your land, providing shade and privacy or just for purely decorative reasons, a fence should be designed for purpose. You will also need to give…

How to Properly Plan for Building a Room Addition to Your Home

additional space at home

If you need room to grow in your home, growing your home may be the answer! Adding a new room to your house is quickly becoming a popular choice among homeowners who need more space. Whether you need a new bedroom, a kitchen extension, or a cozy hosting room, building-on could prove to be the perfect solution. Like any major building work, this is not an idea to take lightly. There are several critical factors which must be considered even…

How to Restore Your Home After Water and Mold Damage

home renovation after damage

Those of us living in hurricane-prone South Florida know the devastating effects of water damage all too well. But the weather isn’t the only source of unwanted moisture in the home; leaking taps, faulty pipes, and inadequate ventilation can all lead to an accumulation of water and mold. Let’s take a look at the steps to managing and correcting these types of damage. Restoring Your Home After Water Damage Do as much as possible in advance If you have been…