Exterior Painting Services

House Painting

Make a great first impression by focusing on the exterior walls of your home. A repaint helps to invigorate the look of the entire property, making it seem like a brand new house!

Choose classic colors for timeless elegance or a brighter hue to really stand out.

Fence Painting

The boundary of your property also deserves a little TLC! Whether you opt for the quintessential white picket fence, a stylish brown varnish, or something bolder, we’ll ensure that it looks amazing.

Garage and Outbuilding Painting

Your outdoor buildings, such as garages, sheds, summer houses, and log cabins, can all benefit from a fresh paint job. Not only does this help to protect them from the elements, but it adds a sweet decorative touch. If you like to get together with friends and family in the garden, beautifully maintained outbuildings are a must!

Interior Painting Services

Living spaces

Your living room is where your loved ones come together to hang out, have fun, and make memories.

Such an important space deserves expert treatment.

Allow us to professionally apply the color and finish of your choosing – including paints that are resistant to stains and marks of every day life – to create an inviting space for all the family.


Your bedroom is a sanctuary; the place where you can close the door, switch off from the world, and enjoy some rest and relaxation. We’ll work with you to choose a color scheme that works with your existing furniture and décor, or something completely different if you wish to overhaul the space.


The home of your most delicious creations deserves to look the part. You don’t need to go to the expense of a brand new kitchen; a re-paint will give the room a fresh lease on life! Our experts can help you to select paint that not only renews the look of your kitchen, but is specially-formulated to repel stains and withstand steam, heat, and splashes from cooking up a storm.


There’s nothing better than a long hot soak in the bath after a stressful day, or an invigorating shower to get you ready for new challenges. Your bathroom is a space that offers relaxation, and the décor should be fit for that purpose. As well as colors that compliment your fittings and preferences, we can also recommend paint that is damp and mold resistant.

Leave It To The Experts!

At East & West Reconstruction, we’re the experts in overhauling your home. Our highly-experienced team will consult with you to find precisely the right paint, then apply it with care and precision. We proudly cover the entire South Florida area, and we can’t wait to work with you!

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Whether you’re looking to sell your house, or simply give it a new lease on life, we’re on hand to deliver a superb finish.

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