Cost of Installing a Fence

At East & West Reconstruction, our licensed team provides you with an estimate on the fencing job you need done. This quote includes the materials we need, as well as how long we feel the project will take.

Depending on the size of the job, these numbers can obviously vary. We always recommend that anyone interested in having a fence installed take the time to get a realistic quote for the job prior to signing anything.

Another important consideration when installing or replacing your fence is keeping property lines and city permits in mind.

This is especially true when it comes to installing a new fence because if you’re mistaken about the required permits you need or where your property line is it can be expensive to fix the problem.

Custom Fencing

Our team has the experience you need if you’re interested in having a custom fence installed in your yard. We can help create a design you’ll love, no matter how detailed or unique you want your custom fence to be. We do recommend that you keep in mind that custom fencing jobs can take longer than traditional projects, but at the end you’ll have a completely original fence that shows your home’s personality and lets your yard shine.

privacy fenceWood Fencing

Investing in wood fencing for your property is a great way to create a yard that has more privacy than other options such as metal or linked.

You have a number of different options when it comes to picking the type of wood you use in your installation, as well as design choices.

The wood fences we build are also designed to withstand all types of weather, giving you a longer-lasting fence that looks great years later.

Contact Us Today for Fencing Services in Florida

From custom to wood fencing options, we provide experienced fence installation services that are affordable. Don’t settle for the first company that you contact to find a solution for your fencing needs. We’ll create a plan that incorporates your needs while providing you with a realistic estimate that takes both time and cost into account.

Don’t spend more time putting off getting your new fence installed or your old one replaced. Our team of licensed professionals are only a phone call away and can have your yard looking better than ever in less time than you’d think.

Our Florida fencing services is your best choice for installing a custom or wood fence on your property. Whether you’re interested in more privacy or just want to update the look of your yard, a new fence is an affordable investment that makes a big statement. We’ve been in business for over 15 years, providing expert services to home and property owners in the area.

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